Congratulations—you booked an amazing vacation! Now it’s time to prepare for travel. Below are a few of our frequently asked questions, as well as a few travel tips and tricks. Safe travels!

When will I receive my final travel details?

We email out final documents two weeks before travel. This includes detailed flight, hotel, and transportation information, as well as any applicable travel requirements and helpful information. If you are within two weeks of travel and haven’t received anything, please notify us, and we will get it sent as soon as possible! Most often, the emails are overlooked or missed because they end up in spam/junk folders.

When do I need to check in for my flight?

You will need to check in 24 hours in advance of your flight.

Tip: This is also an excellent time to review your documents and pack your passports.

What time do I need to arrive at the airport?

We recommend parking two hours before your flight. This allows plenty of time to check bags and pass security. Please note that this can vary depending on your airport and travel dates (holidays, busy season). Some airports and/or travel dates may require extra time.

Tip: Plan how you will arrive at the airport early. If needed, pre-reserve your Uber/Lyft on the app. Be prepared if you will be using airport parking or an alternate parking lot. Remember tip money.

Do I have to pay for checked bags?

If you are booked through AA, United, or Delta, you must pay for your checked bags unless you have status with the airline or are flying first class. Southwest offers two free checked bags per person.

Tip: Plan out your vacation. You may be surprised for a short trip; you can fit all your belongings needed in your item to fit under the seat in front of you and an overhead bin item (small roller suitcase) that you are allowed free of charge.

My flight is advising that the overhead bins are full. Now, they want to gate-check my roller bag.

No worries, remove any medication or valuables. You just got a free checked bag!

My flight is delayed or canceled. Why is the airline being such a pain?

It happens, and it stinks. If you haven’t left for the airport yet, first check to see if they already rebooked you on another flight. If not, call our emergency line for assistance at 918-376-7840. If you are at the airport, proceed to the airline desk for assistance. They will be able to advise you on new flight options. Then, be sure to email or call us. We will be happy to notify you of your transportation and resort.

I made it to my destination!! What now?

Mexico/Caribbean, follow the instructions on your documents to locate your transportation. It may be entirely outside the airport. Stay calm outside. If you do not see your shuttle, ask any uniformed worker for shuttle services to point you in the right direction. If you are in a destination where you are picking up your rental car, follow the airport signs to the rental car area. This may be a short shuttle ride in some locations. Remember to tip your drivers.

Why is the hotel/rental car company asking for a credit card?

Even when your room or car is prepaid, they will ask for a credit card to put on hold. This is an insurance policy for the hotel or rental company. The hold covers damage, extras billed to the room, etc. Upon checkout, the hold will be removed minus any purchases/charges. The hold can last anywhere from a few days to a week after checkout.

I arrived, but my room was not ready. What do I do?

For this instance, we advise you to always throw your pool/beach gear in your carry-on. Check your bags with the concierge, grab lunch and a drink, and enjoy the beach/pool until your room is ready.

I submitted a room request before arrival, and my room isn’t as requested. What can I do?

Please remember that a request is only a request and not a guarantee. Be sure to check with the concierge staff to see if any adjustments can be made to your room.

How do I keep my belongings safe?

Be sure to utilize the safe in your room. Be aware of your belongings in public areas, and only carry what you need.

What else should I do upon arrival?

This is a great time to contact the concierge desk. Ask about dinner reservations, scheduling spa visits, or any special activities that will make the trip excellent!

I can’t get a reservation at the restaurant I want, what should I do?

You can try to go early and see if a walk-in is available. You can also tip the concierge to let you know about cancellations. We find they are very helpful in finding open reservations.

I’m not at an all-inclusive. Are there any apps you recommend for dinner reservations?

Yes, download OpenTable. It’s a great resource.

When do I need to confirm my return shuttle?

Always confirm 24-48 hours before your departure. Double-check flight times and pick-up times.

Why are they picking me up so early for my flight?

Shuttle companies allow for traffic and delays. We recommend following their pickup times to ensure you have plenty of time for delays at the airport.

Additional tips

Bring $1s and $5s for tipping. We typically budget $10/day for tips.

Drink plenty of water on the plane.

Take it easy drinking alcohol on the first day. You can be dehydrated from the plane and feel ill from over-drinking quickly.

Wear more sunblock than you think you need, and reapply often. A sunburn on the first day can be a pain!

The first day can be challenging. You have been traveling and waiting all day! Always allow a day to decide if you are unhappy with an aspect. Things always look better on the second day.

Be aware of your surroundings and avoid intoxication. This is good common sense for any destination.

If you do become sick, the onsite nurse/doctor can be called to assist you.

Have fun! Take lots of pictures. Make plenty of memories.