Under the Sun Travel Booking Terms & Conditions

I authorize Under The Sun Travel to make payments on my behalf for my vacation package/wedding, as well as any fees agreed upon.  If I cancel my vacation/wedding I understand I am subject to all applicable fees from the airline, tour operator, resort, and any additional services, as well as a $150 cancellation fee payable to Under The Sun Travel. The $150 fee is separate and will not be covered by insurance. I acknowledge I was offered travel insurance to protect my vacation investment, and if I declined insurance I have no travel protection.

​I acknowledge all information on my reservation is correct. Including, but not limited to, names of each traveler matching passport or ID, dates, room category, flight schedule, etc. Any changes after deposit is paid can result in fees which will be my responsibility.

​I knowledge I was provided information about the COVID entry guidelines for my vacation. I understand that it is my responsibility to complete all entry forms, obtain negative COVID tests, or provide proof of vaccination if required. Under The Sun Travel is not responsible for failure to complete entry requirements. I understand that failure to complete entry requirements may result in denial of entry into my destination. If I test positive for COVID in destination, I understand it is my responsibility to notify Under The Sun Travel via phone call to coordinate my travel home.  I understand I must notify UTST prior to my return flight home via phone call or emergency after hours phone line if applicable.  I assume any responsibility for any out of pocket expenses not covered by travel insurance if purchased.  

​I accept the following fee schedule.
Fee Schedule:

$25/person booking fee.  If the trip is cancelled, this fee is refunded and deducted from the cancellation fee. 

$50/person planning fee for any trips requested within 30 days of travel
$25/person booking fee for social media specials
$150 change fee will be assessed for any changes requested after deposit date.  This also includes voluntary changes requested while in destination.
$150 cancellation fee will be assessed for any bookings cancelled after deposit.

​I agree to receive communications via text, email and phone.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I acknowledge that use of planning services from the agency (Under The Sun Travel), going on a trip, and participation in activities is at my own risk. Travel to many parts of the world may involve the risk of a variety of hazards to health and/or safety, including but not limited to disease, crime, terrorism and warfare. Because each traveler’s risk tolerance is different, all traveler’s should refer to objective third-party sources of travel information, such as that maintained by the U.S. Department of State (travel.state.gov) as well as (cdc.gov). 

Please be aware that Under The Sun Travel is not the direct supplier of travel services to be rendered and said suppliers are legally deemed as third parties.  As such, Under The Sun Travel, shall not be responsible for or in the event that said services as supplied the their parties are cancelled, amended or do not meet with your expectations.  Under The Sun Travel Agency is not responsible for airline schedule changes and flight cancellations made by the airlines.  In the event that that a schedule change, flight cancellation or flight delay impacts your vacation, we are limited to the recourse and options provided by the airlines.  Traveler assumes all risk associated with a flight schedule if they fail to accept a schedule change provided by an airline..  Traveler assumes all risk Under The Sun Travel shall do our best to assist you in the event that third-party supplier fails to live up to your expectations, but your immediate contact with our offices is essential to whatever assistance we may be able to supply.

We reserve the right for mediation in the event of a client chargeback.  Traveler understands that Under The Sun Travel does this because third parties seek payment directly from Under The Sun Travel.  The cancellation fees to do cease to exist in the event of a chargeback.  Thus, Under The Sun Travel, will be prompted to pursue litigation and incur attorney’s fees and costs which will be included in addition to all cancellation fees.