How long has Under The Sun Travel been in business?

We started as Independent Contractors in 2014 and established our own company in 2016.


Is there a fee to become an Independent Contractor with UTST?

Yes, $300 is the initial start-up fee.  This covers an optional in-person training session.  The monthly fees are $200/month for the Social Media agreement, or $50/month for the regular Independent Contractor agreement.

What is included in the monthly fees?

Social Media-5 packaged social media posts per week, UTST email, and client management portal.  Plus, access to all our training modules and FB group.

Regular IC-UTST email, client management portal, and all our training modules/FB group.

Social Media package details.

Investment-$200/month, $300 start-up fee.  Your investment gets you ready to post/market trips.  Researching and finding content to post is time-consuming and difficult!  We take the stress off you by giving you the best deals we find in a ready-to-post format.  Along with the details on how to book this trip for your clients.  We also use our social media contact as inspiration for clients who contact us and aren’t sure of exactly what they are looking for in a vacation.  This allows you time to learn the business while having access to ready-to-book trips.  We also provide a branded email address, and bio on our website.  As well as all the backup support you need to get started.  

After talking to agents this week, we see that social media is important in giving inspiration and gaining clients.  We want to help you learn how to utilize it for the maximum benefit.

Can you only book these specials?  Absolutely not!  This is just a tool to get clients interested in using your services.  It allows you to have trips that show prices and give inspiration.  We book many trips off our social media accounts.  Many times, clients reach out to simply change dates on an advertised trip.  We also book custom trips for clients based on their personal preferences.  

We also want you to learn how to customize trips for clients who reach out to you.  Learning from the ready-to-book trips is invaluable in learning how to format and present trips to clients who reach out to you.  We have a streamlined quoting and booking system that we are happy to share to help you streamline the process.

Regular IC package:

Investment-$50/month, $300 start-up fee that includes a training module

Commission split70/30

Do you offer training?

We offer a 4-week self-lead Facebook learning platform we designed for our contractors, this is an optional tool, and it is very comprehensive! Learning all the resorts and how to research can be daunting!  We provide many resources on training. In addition, you will have access to us directly on questions about business, marketing ideas, and questions. We have a library of photos, blog posts, and our personal experiences at many resorts/destinations.  We also maintain contacts with our Business Development Managers throughout the industry so that we have contacts to assist and give us updates.

In addition, we will offer quarterly in-person optional training sessions.

How do we get leads?

As an Independent Contractor, you will be responsible for building your client base. We recommend starting with your friends and family. We find getting the word out on social media is very helpful. We highly recommend any networking and marketing opportunities that are low-cost as good ways to increase word-of-mouth marketing.  As well as getting the word out within any of your own social groups (neighborhood groups, book clubs, Country Clubs, tennis/pickleball groups, etc)

What are the commission splits?

Social Media-80/20.  The commission is paid after a client completes a trip.  An average commission off an all-inclusive trip is $400 (your portion would be $320).  You only must book one of our specials to pay the $200 investment fee!  We pay our contractors commissions once a month.  

Regular IC-70/30. 

When are commissions paid?

It depends on the type of booking. Most cruise lines pay a commission after the final payment has been processed. In this case, you may receive the commission prior to your client’s travel dates. Packaged tours generally pay out the week following the client’s travel dates.  And, some specialty suppliers payout within 30 days of a client’s travel dates.

Our office sends out checks between the months after we have received the commission.  ie, all money collected in April is paid out on the May check run.  We typically process checks by the 5th, but we do allow in our contracts up until the 15th to pay out.

When do I get my own CLIA card?

A CLIA card is available once you have earned a minimum of $5,000 in commissions within a rolling 12-month period as an Independent Contractor. This is a regulation set forth by CLIA. You will be responsible for the annual fee to maintain the card.

What are your commission levels with the suppliers?

Our agency has worked hard over the years to be a top-selling agency in order to qualify for the highest commission levels in many of the top suppliers.  We also belong to Travel Leaders Consortia.  Being an independent contractor with us gives you access to VIP levels and phone lines for many of the top agencies.  

Do I get travel perks?

YES!  We will go over the details of different ways to earn perks.  Perks are based upon your sales, and what you sell the most.

Our office is offered FAM (Familiarization) trips.  We do offer those out to our agents selling high levels of that destination or resort.