I have been collecting my thoughts about my six-night stay in Belize. I had the most amazing experience and can’t wait to go back soon. The people were all so kind; in fact, there are signs all over San Pedro that say to be kind. The country of Belize was so welcoming, and being a solo female traveler, that was so reassuring! So, let’s dive in!

Upon arrival at Belize airport if you are connecting to an island (most of our clients are headed to Ambergris Caye, town of San Pedro, such as I was), you will head to the domestic terminal for a flight. There are two airlines, Maya Air and Tropic Air. I ended up flying both during my stay, and they were great! I arrived on my domestic flight early, and they bumped me to an earlier flight so I didn’t have to wait. The 18-minute flight offers some gorgeous views. Before I departed on my flight, one of the airline workers asked where I was staying in San Pedro. They call ahead to the resort to let them know you are on your way and to send a taxi. This is just one of the little things that made my stay memorable.

Upon arrival in San Pedro, my resort, Alaia, had a taxi driver waiting to take me to the resort. The Alaia is a beautiful new, modern resort that offers many amenities. They offer a breakfast plan, an optional all-inclusive plan, a gym, an on-site spa, an on-site dive shop, several restaurants, and pools, including a rooftop pool/bar/restaurant that is adult only, and on-site golf cart rental. They offer regular rooms up to 3 bedroom villas. I had a quick lunch and got settled into my room. I opted for a dinner of lobster on site, before settling down for an early night, I was headed for an adventure in the morning!

Day 2-I pre-arranged a tour with Belize Fun Tours to go to the ATM Cave on the mainland. I took the first flight to Belize City, arriving at 7:15 am. I was picked up by a driver and headed an hour down into the interior to get to my first stop. I then switched vehicles to go with one of the 28 licensed tour guides allowed in ATM Cave. We went on a bumpy road past beautiful views while he gave a history of the cave and surrounding areas. Then, the real adventure started! We had a two-mile hike that involved two river crossings! The cave itself is wet. It involves a lot of swimming, climbing, and navigating to get to the dry chamber. In the dry chamber, we could view Mayan pots, bones, and a complete skeleton. The history of the cave was so fascinating! I will not fill you in, as you need to experience this in person. After the tour, our guide provided us with a home-cooked meal (cooked by his wife), and then we headed back to the airport. I arrived back at the resort at 6 pm.

My taxi driver dropped me off and returned a few hours later to take me to Moxie for dinner. I had a great meal, the most expensive meal in Belize! I was starving and had lobster conch, fish tacos, and wine. I texted my driver when I paid my check, and he pulled up right outside to take me home. I slept like a baby, full of food and exhausted by my adventure.

On Day 3, I decided to head out on a run. When I returned, I had the buffet breakfast and worked from the beautiful patio while leisurely enjoying my coffee. I decided to have a pool day. I spend my day reading and having a sandwich by the pool. In the late afternoon, I decided to get a massage at the spa. FYI, there is also a local massage place just down the beach. They offer outdoor massages for $55 for an hour. I had a fantastic truffle pizza at the beach bar for dinner.

Day 4-I enjoyed a similar morning! I decided to take the ferry over to Caye Caulker for the day. It is a $39 roundtrip ferry ticket and takes about 30 minutes. While in my taxi over in the morning, I mentioned I heard you could go over Turtle Island Resort and said I would love to do that if I could get a day pass. My taxi driver told me that before he picked me up later that day, he would contact the resort manager and set it up for the next day. Caye Caulker is a laid-back tiny island! I had been told to head to Iguana Reef Hotel to see the stingrays, so I looked up directions and walked over. What a fantastic experience! The sting rays come to the shore, and you can touch their silky backs. I then headed over to the Split. The Split is an area where a hurricane split the island in half. It has several beach bars and restaurants. I decided to have lunch at the Sip N’ Dip. The fish tacos, salsa, and cold margarita hit the spot! I spent the rest of my day shopping and stopping for a drink at a local bar.

My taxi driver picked me up and had already arranged my boat transportation for tomorrow over to Turtle Island Resort (all complimentary if you order food/drinks while there). I had such a wonderful day, so I asked him to suggest a fun spot for my evening. He suggested Salty Toes, which is a local beach bar. I headed over and had more great food. But even better, I met a local woman there with her employees who were having a quick drink after work. She owned a local dive company, and they were terrific company while I had my dinner.

Day 5-I took a 5-minute boat ride over to Turtle Island Resort. Currently, this is a small resort that offers beautiful bungalows. They will expand to a much larger resort in the next few years. You may use their pool and facilities as a guest on the island. I enjoyed the pool and light lunch. The best part is meeting Lucy! Lucy is a rescued sea turtle who lives on the resort lagoon. She will come up and eat sardines out of tongs. The resort hopes to rescue more turtles, and they all love Lucy.

Day 6-I started early, heading to Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Alley. The tour left from the resort, which made the early start a little easier. I am not much into snorkeling, but I knew it was a must-see! The fish and reef were so vibrant, and the water was warm. It was one of my top snorkeling trips. It is hard to describe the colors and how fun it was to see sharks and stingrays. After we were done snorkeling, we headed over to shark alley. This is a cool experience of swimming with the sharks!

I spent the rest of my day napping and hanging out with some ladies I met at the resort. I ended up having an early dinner and falling asleep around 8:30 pm!

Day 7-Time to head back to Oklahoma

All in all, this was such an amazing trip!

Quick costs:

Meals-meals ran $20-$80, it is just like home where you can dine at a higher-end option or go a little more local to save money

ATM Cave-This tour with air runs around $385/person

Ferry to Caye Caulker-$39 roundtrip


Golf Cart rentals-The daily rates are $40-60 depending on where you rent. I heard of getting weekly rates as low as $150 for the week.